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5 tips to make the best of your beauty school experience!

  1. Be punctual and organized 

  2. Be attentive towards instructors

  3. Practice, Practice, Practice 

  4. It’s okay to make mistakes 

  5. Enjoy your time as a student 

You’ve taken your first step filled with excitement applying for school, preparing for your future in the beauty industry. From that moment your life has changed, and while the journey of learning is everlasting though school and your professional career. There's a few tips that can maximize your experience as a student to create a strong foundation to grow upon.

First, being precise and organized. Your ability to be punctual and organized can be directly correlated to how well you retain the information you're learning and create a strong foundation for your career in the beauty industry. From attending class early, preparing your beauty kit before class, and diligently organizing and optimizing your calendar, alarms, folders, schedule (just a few to name for example). It may sound like a lot of work, if this isn’t a habit you’ve cultivated. However, tip #1 can be so transformational by knowing that you’re prepared, you are ready for class, you are more likely to be aware and on top of your studies which minimizes stress. In the long run it helps you to stay on track with your state board exam! 

Second, being attentive in your studies but also with your instructors. Have you ever read a book and had to read it multiple times because you weren't aware of what you just read? Sometimes we are physically present but mentally we are somewhere else… and what good is it to be physically present in beauty school but to mentally be distracted? We’ve found that when we take the initiative to be mentally present and to be aware of the concepts, the instructors, and in life period; it's easier to retain information as well as showing respect for your passion, the instructors, the school, and your education.  One of the best ways to respect your instructors is to be attentive, they are experts taking the time to share with you their knowledge. 

Thirdly, carving out time to practice. It is important to create time to practice. If you think about people in the beauty industry who inspire you; they get to where they are through practice. When it comes to beauty school, the time you take to practice really humanizes your knowledge where it becomes ingrained in your memory. So when you get to your practical exam, you can derive information not only from your knowledge, but your personal experience when it comes to practicing. This goes for scheduling appointments and utilizing hands-on practice to increase your skills and confidence. Every moment is a learning opportunity. 

Fourthly, practice makes progress not perfection. As a student you are starting your learning journey, no one is expecting perfection from you… and if you have those expectations release yourself from the idea of perfection. Even Licensed Professionals make mistakes too! Everyone, no matter what the journey, is bound to make mistakes in life. This is how God created us, and when it comes to learning and developing your practice as a student and a professional it's important to lean on God’s grace and have confidence that within the imperfections there is beauty to lean into. Think about how practicing can impact the quality of your work, it breeds dedication, persistence, and patience. The journey is more important than the destination; God is sharpening you as you are learning and becoming equipt with the knowledge to help others feel beautiful in this industry. 

Lastly, enjoy your time as a student! There's a season and a time for everything. When you’re in beauty school, this is a time where you are building your experience, knowledge, credentials. You may feel eager to get out there and help others in their beauty journey; however it’s important to be equipped and knowledgeable as you transition into your professional career in the beauty industry. So I ask you to reflect; how can you soak in all the knowledge from your instructors? How can you optimize the resources you have available to you to sharpen your knowledge in the beauty industry. If this is your season, you have the opportunity to fully cultivate a strong foundation to build your new beauty career on.

Afterall the learning journey through beauty school can be difficult, but applying these tips can be helpful in minimizing stress and optimizing the opportunities presented to you. Thank you for taking the time to read this blog, we pray that you are blessed and highly favored through your journey in beauty school and the beauty industry. 

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

 - Philippians 4:13 (NKJV)

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