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Frequently Asked Questions

1) How do I sign up?

 - Take a look at our Programs here and choose one you would like to begin. Once you are ready to move forward, fill out the permit application and payment form located on the                   and                !

2) What Requirements do you have to Enroll?

- You must be 17 years or older, have a GED or High School Diploma and a social security number to get started

3) How soon can I enroll?

- As soon as you want! We offer Open Enrollment here at Design Beauty College, a Cosmetology School located in Spring, TX. (The day we receive your Registration Fee, Permit Fee, and first Tuition Payment, is the same day you can start)

4) Are you an Accredited School?

- Yes! We are Accredited through Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools.

5) Are the books and kits provided?

- The books and kit are separate from the tuition cost. But you can purchase them both here at Design Beauty College. 

(Call 281-209-0707 for information on books and kits)

5) Are there any extra costs besides Tuition?

- There is a Permit Fee of $25 and a Registration Fee of $300. 


6) Do you take FASFA/GI Bill as payment?

- We do not take Financial Aid or G.I. Bills at the moment. Keep your eyes peeled for updates!

7) I live too far for in person classes, can I be a fully online student?

- Yes! If you live out of the city and are too far to commute, still give us a call! We require Students who live too far to attend classes in person at least twice a month.


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